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Although Casa Marginetta’s kitchen has everything you’re likely to need to prepare meals yourself, it’s fair to say that at least half the reason for coming to Tuscany is to taste the fabulous food on offer!

After all, you are supposed to be on holiday!

Convalle - meaning "of the valley" - is located within the beautiful Val Pedogna.

The Pedogna valley is also known by local reputation as "La valle di gastronomia" which translates as "The valley of gastronomy".

Italians travel from miles around to dine in the wide choice of reasonably-priced restaurants.

Most are on or near the valley floor, but some exquisite gems are tucked away up in the hillsides.

The nearest two are rated #1 and #2 on Trip advisor and the third is rated #4. 

We are also located just a few kilometres from three of Trip advisor's top twenty rated restaurants in the whole of Lucca!!

Located in various parts of the countryside north of the city, what is perhaps surprising is that some of these fine restaurants are almost as close to Casa Marginetta as they are to the centre of Lucca itself!

Buon Appetito!

La Fonte

Trebbio 34, Piegaio, Pescaglia, Lucca

Reviewed #1 in Pescaglia

Distance: 0.7km    0583-359815 or 3472649266   

Closed Tuesday in summer and possibly some other weekdays too in winter.

This restaurant, only a short stroll from Casa Marginetta, has become the firm favourite of ourselves and our guests ever since it was acquired and completely renovated by Daniela, a friendly Scottish/Italian lady who naturally speaks perfect English. 

La Fonte offers a good variety of traditional Italian dishes in attractive surroundings and at very reasonable prices. In addition to delicious meats such as peppered steak, pork and lamb chops etc., it is sometimes possible to enjoy half or a whole freshly roasted baby chicken if you order a day in advance. 

There are many delicious starters too - a particular favourite of ours being the prawn and pumpkin risotto. 

Excellent pizzas are cooked in the log-fired oven and – unusually – are served every day that the restaurant is open. A take-away service is also offered. 

When not too busy and subject to ingredient availability, Daniela will also prepare non-menu dishes on request. 

Why not try the ‘Casa Marginetta Special Calzone’? This pizza is loaded with plenty of mozzarella cheese, salami, ham, bacon, onions, tomatoes and garlic, before being folded over and drizzled with tomato purée, then baked to perfection in the traditional pizza oven. Irresistible! 

If you like sparkling white wine, ask for Daniela’s ‘Special Prosecco’. What a wonderful clean taste – and such good value! 

You may even be offered a complimentary glass of Daniela’s home-made Limoncello with the bill if you mention ‘Casa Marginetta’.

Il Molino Della Volpe

Località Molino Della Volpe, Gello, Pescaglia, Lucca

Reviewed #2 in Pescaglia

Distance: 3.3km      0583-359045

Closed Wednesday in summer and possibly some other weekdays too in winter.

Located a few yards up the road to Puccini’s house in Celle, this classy restaurant has found its home in a converted paper mill. The machinery is exposed and has been preserved as museum pieces.

There is a Pizzeria on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor.

Food and wines are excellent. Luigi is in charge of the food and cares passionately about it.

Il Molino is also a firm favourite with Italians and it offers a good variety of traditional dishes in attractive surroundings.

Da Valentino

Località Cima Fiano, 1, Fiano, Lucca

Reviewed #4 in Pescaglia

Distance: 3.9km      0583-38182

Closed Wednesday in summer and possibly some other weekdays too in winter.

Located in the nearby hillside village of Fiano not far from Convalle on the scenic route to Viareggio, this restaurant offers possibly the lowest prices in the region.

The last time we went there it seemed that you can order pretty much anything on the menu – all 7 courses if you wish – mix and match dishes with your friends and drink as much wine and mineral water as you like and the bill will still come to about 20 Euros a head!

It’s also supposed to be good for Sunday lunches and many ex-pats wouldn’t go anywhere else!

If you’ve got a lot of hungry mouths to feed and you want to do it cheaply then maybe you should give Da Valentino a try!

Il Guerriero

Località Grabbia, 1, Vetriano, Lucca

Reviewed #116 of 332 in Lucca

Distance: 9.9km     0583-358163     

Closed Monday in summer and Monday – Thursday in winter

Tucked away in the hillside village of Vetriano, this fabulous restaurant should not be missed!

Despite the seemingly endless journey, keep going – it’s worth it when you get there!

This restaurant offers good food in superb surroundings at highly reasonable prices. Your friendly host Armando has something on the menu to suit every taste and on warm evenings you can optionally eat ‘al fresco’ on the terrace outside.

The home-made tortelli is different to La Tana’s, but equally as good.

The mixed grill contains enough meat to feed an army!

Then again you could choose the fixed-price menu which includes an appetiser, the tortelli, the mixed grill, your choice of dessert, wine (or mineral water) and coffee! Starve yourself all day to do it justice! 

Wild boar casserole is another tasty option when in season. At weekends, you can also choose from a wide selection of pizzas. 

An English menu is available (we translated it for them) and you should look out for the complimentary savoury doughnut-style appetiser – tasty!

Birrificio Brùton

Via Ludovica, 5135, S. Cassiano di Moriano, Lucca

Reviewed #124 of 332 in Lucca

Distance: 14.3km     0583-579260    

On the banks of the Serchio river, in a typically Tuscan setting, Brùton have created a unique combination of in-house brewery and trendy dining establishment which has got young Italians very excited as it is a complete departure from traditional restaurants!

From 5pm until 2am you can enjoy fine beers and tasty food! You can even watch the beer being brewed too, if you want. Then party into the night ...

Some nights, local bands feature and you can enjoy a variety of styles from Rock to Jazz.

So, if you fancy a change - give Brùton a try!

Antica Locanda di Sesto

Via Ludovica, 1660, Sesto di Moriano, Lucca

Reviewed #4 of 332 in Lucca

Distance: 15.2km     0583-578181    

Closed Saturday in summer and possibly some other weekdays too in winter.

Constructed in 1368, Sesto's ancient inn is more than twice as old as Casa Marginetta! That's OLD!

Whilst the building is full of character though, it's the fantastic hospitality offered by your host Lamberto and his family together with the wonderful food that finds this restaurant highly ranked on Trip advisor, gaining an exceptional 89% recommendation rating.

Several of the staff speak English and their menu is full of tasty delights. If you are a steak aficionado, here the meat is sourced from a rare breed of cow, located near Florence, and cooked over olive wood, ensuring that the outside is cooked to perfection with a wonderful grilled flavour, whilst the inside is still moist and tender.

They also offer a unique and inexpensive house wine made from grapes grown in their own vineyard.

Reasonably priced overall, this is a restaurant that you should not miss. Do, however, consider popping in, 'phoning or emailing to book a table in advance during busy periods as otherwise you may be disappointed.

A' Palazzo

via San Giusto di Brancoli, 3160, Brancoli, 55100 Lucca, Italy

Reviewed #14 of 332 in Lucca

Distance: 17.8km     0583-965581    

Open 19:00-24:00. Closed Monday and Tuesday in summer and also closed Wednesday and Thursday in winter (November-May).

Owned by the Baccelli family since the mid nineteenth century, in 1997 the ground floor of this old manor house tucked up in the hillsides was transformed into a wonderfully cosy rustic restaurant, with a simple yet elegant styling.

It takes it's name from the peasant culture of Brancoleria who considered that a building so large and imposing must indeed be a palace!

The restaurant can accommodate seventy people inside and many more on the beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the plain of Lucca. 

Thanks to the loving guidance of MariaAngela, owner and founder, this restaurant has become one of the most prestigious in the province of Lucca and has gained a high ranking on Trip advisor, with a 90% recommendation rating.

Our favourite specialities include 'Salsine calde e fredde' - hot and cold dipping sauces served with pieces of toast, followed by a yummy home-made 'Tortelli Toscani' and rounded off with 'Arrotolato di tacchino ai funghi' - a delicious turkey roll with mushroom sauce.

Reasonably priced great food, nice views and a convivial atmosphere make this another restaurant that you should not miss.

This is a wonderful place to spend many pleasant hours relaxing, so don't let yourself be put off by the slightly challenging drive. 

Reservations recommended but not always necessary.

Da Sandra

Località Valsozza, 1, Fabbriche di Vallico, Lucca

Reviewed #433 of 1149 in Lucca province

Distance: 18.3km     0583-761712

Closed Thursday in summer and possibly some other weekdays too in winter.

Beyond Pescaglia in the hillside village of Fabbriche di Vallico, this restaurant is receiving mixed reviews from those that have tried it.

Sandra moved her restaurant from the centre of Fabbriche di Vallico and built her own establishment which gives an idea of how successful she was originally. Her new place is very capacious with lots of parking space, despite being on the side of a mountain and in fine weather you can sit outside - very valuable in Italy. Not haute cuisine, but it never fails to satisfy, and you find it difficult to believe that the bill at the end is so little.

Vigna Ilaria Ristorante Locanda

Via per Pieve Santo Stefano 967c, 55100 Lucca, Italy

Reviewed #7 of 332 in Lucca

Distance: 19.2km     0583-332091

Contact the restaurant to check opening times.

Vigna Ilaria is a charming and picturesque inn, named after the vineyard that flourished in the area of Santo Stefano where the inn now stands. It has also gained a very high ranking on Trip advisor with an 90% recommendation rating.

Your young and dynamic host Andrea Maggi and his lovely wife offer a charming welcome and bring together the freshest and tastiest local ingredients, giving them an altogether modern twist. Innovative delicious food - proudly and responsibly sourced from local farmers and producers.

One of our favourite choices is what some refer to as "the best salad in all of Europe". Each bite has another fresh herb whose flavour makes your mouth sing.

The appetisers alone were works of art, as was every other course. Seafood is their forte, and while their meat dishes were spectacular, their fish dishes were even more so.

It's not necessarily for everyone and you need to be curious and interested about food and willing to taste the flavours rather than just wanting to stuff your face with another plate of spaghetti. You should also expect the meal to cost a little more than at most other restaurants in this list.

But if you want outstanding local ingredients in brilliantly executed dishes, give it a try. If you are just hoping for a posh pizza, it's probably best you go somewhere else.